The online Meeting on Research took place on 1 December 2022. The expert group gathered practitioners and researchers from various EU jurisdictions in order to discuss and brainstorm on the future of research within CEP.  

Over recent years, CEP has begun to develop engagement with researchers, research institutions and projects. Research, quality assurance and evaluation are key elements in the development of better practice, better and more effective service provision, and improved outcomes for all stakeholders. 

Prof. Fergus McNeill from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, delivered a presentation „Probation Research: Questions and Methods“ in which he summarized, among others, a typology of probation research, missing features within research and probation, as well as he discussed possibilities for CEP on how to approach research in terms of its network and resources.  

The next meeting of the expert group is to take place in February 2023 in The Netherlands.  

For the report click here.


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