On 29 November 2023, CEP organized the 2nd Edition of the Workshop on gender-based violence in Probation. The workshop was held at the Centre for Legal Studies and Specialized Training in Barcelona.

The workshop was attended by 35 participants from 16 different jurisdictions who came together to understand and discuss the question of how to respond appropriately to gender-based violence in Probation.

The workshop covered the topic from the perspective of probation and other criminal justice professionals including offenders and victims. At this workshop effective and efficient ways of preventing and working with offenders were presented, also programmes used to prevent gender–based violence in probation and to support the treatment process were discussed. The challenge of assessing the outcome of intervention programmes was also presented.

A Round table session held a close and interesting discussion on  “How do we work transnationally on gender-based violence”.

The workshop had a special guest, a subjective experience of a person who experienced child and adult domestic violence and shared her life experience and recovery with participants. Lynn Harris is now the founder and Managing Company Director of a social enterprise in Glasgow, Scotland called No Feart CIC. Lynn and her team facilitate psychoeducational and recovery programs for men, women and teens separately via group work in the community and/or online. Different intervention programs have been written by Lynn as a result of her experiences from childhood and adult abuse, her recovery and work studies from 2009.


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Ms Marta Ferrer
Professor Kieran McCartan
Mr Endika Biota
Ms Berta Vall
Ms Lynn Harris


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