This article was first published by the Probation Board for Northern Ireland (PBNI). 

The Probation Board has published its Corporate Plan for 2020-23 which sets the strategic direction and road map for the organisation over the next three years. The Plan sets out the five key areas that probation will concentrate on in the coming years. Some of the areas we will focus on include preventing people becoming involved in criminality and early intervention; enhancing restorative practices, tackling drug/ alcohol related offending; poor mental health; and building opportunities to enhance people’s education and employment.

Board Chair, Dale Ashford QFSM

Speaking about the Plan, Board Chair Dale Ashford QFSM said: “I am delighted to publish this plan which has been developed following a far reaching public consultation process. During the consultation we met with stakeholders from government, criminal justice, the voluntary and community sectors, staff, service users and communities. We listened carefully to what they had to say and we have developed our priorities accordingly.”

He continued: “There were a number of important themes captured in the consultation process. Consultees highlighted the importance of intervening as early as possible in order to address the causes of crime. Consultees also highlighted the important role probation plays in delivering a problem solving approach in particular to tackle domestic abuse and substance misuse. Of course PBNI cannot do this work alone and that is why a partnership approach will continue to be adopted.”

There are five strategic priorities in the plan. They are;

  1. Shaping and Influencing Criminal Justice Policy and Practice.
  2. Delivering an innovative and problem solving approach to reducing reoffending through partnership and collaboration.
  3. Demonstrating Effectiveness and Efficiency
  4. Valuing and Developing our People
  5. Building Awareness and Confidence in communities about the professional role of PBNI

He concluded: “The strategic priorities outlined in this plan enable PBNI to be collaborative, innovative and transformative. This will in turn enable staff to help reduce reoffending, reduce the number of victims of crime and help keep communities safe.”

Click here for a copy of the Corporate Plan

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