Message from CEP President Mr. Gerry McNally

The Covid 19 pandemic is a global emergency the likes of which few, if any, of us has experienced or seen before.  It has affected every country and community and has obliged us to change how we live and work. For CEP it is no different: all conferences and events in the coming period have been cancelled or deferred.

We all need to take steps to reduce close human contact.  That is how the virus is spread.   Not just at public gatherings or public places but also in our own homes… places of leisure and work.

During this pandemic it is important to follow and comply with the advice and guidance provided by your national authorities and trusted sources to keep not only our personnel and persons subject to our supervision safe but also the wider community.

Technology can help in maintaining communication and contact not only in our members’ work with people on supervision but also in sharing knowledge, innovation and positive initiatives with each other. CEP will continue to support and facilitate communications with members and the wider community through its website, newsletters and social media.


Request for information 

CEP is eager to hear how your organization deals with this difficult situation and how it keeps the work going under so many restrictions. A special page is created where we will publish information from other countries on how they are dealing with this situation and which measures thave been taken to keep things going and under control.

Therefore: if there is anything you wish to share please write to  and join us in keeping the probation network alive!


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