Jana Spero, the Secretary General of CEP, is attending the 12th EuroPris General Meeting in Berlin on June 5, 2023.

Caron McCaffrey, EuroPris President, Ioana Morar, Board member and Jana Spero, SG CEP

This 12th Annual General Meeting takes place at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Berlin, Germany. The EuroPris Annual General Meeting will serve as a prelude to the Council of Europe Annual Conference of Prison and Probation Directors (CDPPS), scheduled for June 6-7. These back-to-back events present a unique opportunity for professionals and decision-makers of probation and prisons to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the sector.


Jana Spero, SG CEP, Daniel Danglades, CEP Board member and Olivia Rope, Executive Director of Penal Reform International


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