In his capacity as the CEP Ambassador, Mr. Steve Pitts had the privilege of presenting a public lecture this year at the Ministry of Justice in Tokyo, Japan. The event was hosted by UNAFEI (United Nations Asia and Far East Institute), JCPS (Japan Criminal Policy Society), and ACPF (Asia Crime Prevention Foundation). The lecture delved into the exploration of stronger probation practices and capacity through international collaboration. Following the lecture, Mr. Pitts engaged in insightful and inspiring discussions with participants from various countries, addressing challenges and steps in establishing alternatives to imprisonment.

Lecture – (left to right): Professor Fumiko Akashi, Director Yoshimitsu Yamauchi, CEP Ambassador Steve Pitts, Deputy Director Junko Irie and Professor Tsubura Miyagawa


Subsequently, Mr. Pitts found great pleasure and energy in meeting with Japanese volunteers (Hogoshi) at the temple of Mr. Komine. He listened to inspiring stories of their work in Japan and exchanged notes with European volunteer practices in preparation for the 2nd World Congress on Community Volunteers, scheduled to be held concurrently with the World Congress on Probation and Parole in The Hague in April.

Temple visit: front row left to right: Hogoshi Kikuko Kinoshima, Hogoshi Toshikazu Ishizaki, Stephen Pitts, Professor Naoki Tanaka and Hogoshi Tatsumaru Komine -Back row left to right: Hogoshi Yuko Mitsuhashi, Professor Yuho Furukawa and Hogoshi Shigeko Imai


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