PerrierThe CEP bureau received a book of both large proportions and scope: A history of French probation between the years 1885 and 2005. The author is Yves Perrier, former Vice-President of CEP, who has had a long career in working with probation.  The book, entitled La probation de 1885 à 2005. Sanctions et mesures dans la communauté, covers more than a century, many aspects of the development of community sanctions and measures, as well as the origins of the probation service (SPIP). The intended audience are not only students and professionals from the prison and probation sector, but also from the wider criminal justice sector.  Themes such as international influences and the role of the Council of Europe receive special attention. The establishment of CEP in 1981 has also received a place in the narrative, France was closely involved in the process at the time.

The book was published by Dalloz

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