Restorative Justice Week (or RJ Week) starts every third Sunday of November, from November 19 to 25 this year, to honour and propagate the ethos of justice based on the restoration of human connection. Restorative Justice is an alternative to incarceration or statutory punishment for crime, and it is about finding a way to establish communication between the offender and the victim. For offenders, the restorative justice program offers an opportunity to take responsibility for the harm they have caused. For the victims, it aims to reduce the feeling of anger and powerlessness. The eight days are dedicated to uplifting stories, meaningful suggestions, and advocating for legislation that views crime as an outcome of a failed society rather than the action of a flawed individual.

Each year the European Forum on Restorative Justice (EFRJ) proposes a specific theme for the week and encourages everyone to take part in the celebrations and awareness-raising actions.

The Restorative Justice Week 2023 will take place between 19 – 25 November 2023.

This year’s theme highlights the relevance of restorative justice when it comes to facing the great challenges of our times. It presents restorative justice as a versatile instrument at our availability that can contribute to easing or resolving conflicts weighing on us. Conflicts that we struggle with, that we find difficult to imagine how to tackle. It offers unrecognised ways to approach deeply trenched matters, new clues for starting a dialogue, making connections, building solidarity, restoring justice. It fuels our quest for better ways of living together.


For more information on the events of the campaign, click here.


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