On 14 May 2024, 18 participants from 10 different European Countries joined the CEP Education and Training expert network online meeting. The expert network meeting was about Initial Digital Training for the Probation staff.

Jennie Tjernström and Ellinor Cronzell, Educators in Probation Training, Swedish Prison and Probation Service presented the Swedish Model for online training. They first presented the current situation in Sweden, the Swedish system for training probation inspectors as well as how the training through distance learning and safety is carried out in the Swedish Probation Service.

Diane den Hartigh presented the online training model in The Netherlands and shared with the group in a more practical and concrete perspective the platform they use for training of the Dutch Probation officers.

The meeting followed with group discussions on Initial Digital Training for the Probation staff through different specific questions:

  • Basic elements that are needed to implement digital entry level training + Digital platforms used to deliver online training;
  • Training that trainers in Probation delivering online training need;
  • Effective training elements in online learning and/or how to keep the attention of your participants.

The meeting was moderated by Maret Miljan – Chair of the CEP Education and Training Network and CEP Board member.

The members of the CEP Education and Training Network will meet again in 2025.

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