Join virtual Yellow Ribbon Run

Due to current epidemiological situation in the Czech Republic, the Yellow Ribbon Run – a charity-sports event that raises awareness of reintegration of people with criminal past – could not take place. The fifth edition of the event has been replaced by a virtual event. Everyone runs alone, but still together. You are welcome to join our colleagues from PMS, December 5 to December 15, 2020 and run 2km or 4km distance with us from all over the world.

How to register:

1) Submit your registration here:
2) Shortly before the virtual event you obtain your ID, pay your registration fee which is 500 CZK (approx. 20 EUR), then join us and run your 2km or 4 km. Do not forget to record your route with a mobile app, watch or simply stopwatch.
3) Send us your ID together with the record of your route on Deadline is December 15, 23:59. You are more than welcome to send us pictures and selfies from your YRR persona or team run which will be published on our social media 
4) Your Yellow Ribbon Certificate will soon be ready to download.

Yellow Ribbon is a set of educational activities aimed at giving ex-offenders and their families a second chance for a decent life. The highlight of the year-round events is the Yellow Ribbon Run. The ambassador of The Yellow Ribbon Run is the Czech actor and screenwriter Petr Čtvrtníček. He is also the drummer of the prison band Wsedě from Kurim Prison, which accompanies the events connected with the Yellow Ribbon Project. The Yellow Ribbon project is co-organized by the Prison Service of the Czech Republic, the non-profit organization RUBIKON Centrum and the Probation and Mediation Service.

The exhibition was supported by a grant from the South Moravian Region.

Yellow Ribbon Run (YRR) is a charity-sports event that since 2016 has drawn attention to the importance of re-integrating people with a criminal past. It connects people across society. Members of the general public, prisoners, ex-prisoners, prison staff, probation officers, officials and others run side by side. In 2019, 600 runners took part in a huge relay race in Prague.

Click here for the Yellow Ribbon Run in motion poster of 2020 

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