Our colleagues at the University College of Cork are pleased to announce the completion of the first initial draft of our literature review on probation volunteer services. The next step is to incorporate feedback from our international CoPPer partners regarding probation volunteer services in their own countries. We have received valuable information, which will further enhance the depth of our evidence review. This will prepare our review for the peer review process starting in May. We are grateful to our CoPPer partners for their valuable contributions to our research, and we are confident that this collaboration will yield meaningful insights that will benefit the probation community and beyond.

Furthermore, partners Reclassering Nederland and Neostart have expanded the action plan for the WP3 European Training Programme, now with a time schedule running until May 2024. The first two steps of the plan have been defined. Step 1 of the program involves gaining insight into the competence and responsibility of a volunteer who becomes active in probation. Reclassering Nederland will compile an overview of these competencies and responsibilities. Step 2 entails designing the training curricula according to these competencies and responsibilities. Neostart will create an outline/template for the training. In September 2023, all CoPPer partners will meet at Cork University to discuss the overview and the template. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting project, which will help to enhance the training of probation volunteers across Europe.

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