On Monday 11 September an online follow-up meeting of the Expert Network for Foreign Nationals in Prison and Probation jointly organized by CEP and EuroPris took place. In the meeting chaired by Mr. Daniel Danglades (Ministry of Justice, France) the main areas for discussion were to follow-up on the latest developments and burning issues from the perspective of expert network members´ jurisdictions, and to discuss the steps taken regarding the upcoming revision of the Recommendation CM/Rec(2012)12 of the Committee of Ministers to Member States concerning foreign prisoners and involvement of the expert network in the revision process.

The meeting of the EN took place also to inform the members about the upcoming open call for nominations both by CEP and EuroPris that will open in October 2023. For 2024 the Expert Network plans on having a face-to-face meeting as well as an online introductory meeting with new members. Last but not least, a joing Workshop on Foreing Nationals in Prison and Probation will take place in October/November 2024.



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