Lead partner: National Offender Management Service (UK)
Aim of the ISTEP project: with regard to the implementation of EU Council Framework Decision 2008/947/JHA the project aims to enhance the ability of probation agencies and sentencers within each EU Member State to understand clearly and have confidence in probation processes and procedures within each legal jurisdiction across the European Union. This is done by producing a detailed description of the suspended sentences, alternative sanctions and conditional sentences that exist within each legal jurisdiction within the European Union. In addition it is planned to hold a series of meetings in which the issues and procedures surrounding the pre and early implementation phases can be discussed and resolved by Member State representatives.
Countries involved: UK, Bulgaria, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain
EU funding programme: criminal justice funding programme (JPEN)

Click on the link  to read the ISTEP Handbook ‘Implementation Support for the Transfer of European Probation Sentences’

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