When considering the rehabilitation of persons who have committed a crime resulting in imprisonment, a critical stage of the process is when they are released to the community. This is an important moment of transition when the person needs support in several areas of his/her life. Research indicates that this transition management is crucial in the rehabilitation process. Interagency cooperation is necessary to make this process successful.

In order to support all aspects of the person’s reintegration and rehabilitation (e.g., education, health, housing, employment) there needs to be positive and genuine cooperation between the various services involved: prison, probation, municipalities, NGO’s, amongst others. The aim is to establish a long-term and consistent rehabilitation process, to increase the opportunity for positive outcomes and to reduce reoffending. Basic ingredients for creating interagency cooperation initiatives are: collaboration, common goals, hope, shared interest, political will, motivation from professionals and stakeholders and coproduction of intervention plans together with clients.

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