The International Training School on Core Correctional Skills, based on the recently published book with the same title by professor Ioan Durnescu of the University of Bucharest, Romania, will take place from 12th to 16th July 2021 in Barcelona at the premises of the Center for Legal Studies, in cooperation with CEP and the University of Barcelona. If you are working in prison or probation service and you wish to refresh your competencies or upskill your practice this course is for you. Check the statement here. If you want to make a virtual visit to the Center for Legal Studies click here.
Professor Chris Trotter – emeritus professor at the Monash University of Australia will open the course. Please watch here the video in which Mr. Trotter talks about the upcoming Core Correctional Skills Training School. Some of the highlights of the programme are the skills labs (where participants will practice and video-record their own role plays), feedback from experienced practitioners and trainers, visits to different professional sites in Barcelona, instructions on how to conduct rehabilitation activities in the pandemic crisis, and others. More detailed information on the programme will follow in due course.
The save the date leaflet can be downloaded here.
The Covid-19 pandemic crisis forced people and organizations to adapt their modus operandi and the way they interact with others. People were not able to travel or meet each other as before and for several academic training programmes this had large consequences.  Disciplines like social work or psychology experienced that even if they could make use of technologies like virtual reality (VR) it was still not possible to replace face to face trainings and courses by online learning modules. This led to the initiative of organizing this live event on the topic of Core Correctional Skills. The Core Correctional Skills training kit focuses on developing five of the most important practices that are associated in literature with desistance or reduced reoffending:  how to build up a working alliance;  pro-social modelling; problem solving;  motivational interviewing and cognitive restructuring.
Registration for the Training School opens in the beginning of 2021. Since the event will only have place for a small number of participants (in order to allow a more intensive tutorial approach), those interested in participating are encouraged to book their places as soon as possible.


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