The members of the Criminal Justice Platform Europe (CJPE) are excited to invite you to Barcelona for the 6th edition of the International Criminal Justice Summer Course.

Following the positive experiences of the last CJPE Summer Course, the 2024 edition continues to address a subject closely related to mental health, focusing on resilience in criminal justice settings. The course will explore resilience on multiple levels, and offer concepts to understand its significance, and practices that contribute to enhance resilience capacities.

The three workshops will examine the subject from three different angles. First, what contributes to organisational resilience; second, to the resilience of the staff; and finally to the client’s resilience. Each of these will look at key challenges, and offer ways to build capacities on the different levels.

This year’s edition is organised in different format compared to the Summer Courses of the previous years. Each of three workshops will be a half day long, and participants will have the chance to attend each workshop in rotating groups.

The ‘Summer Course’ consists of plenary sessions, three parallel workshops, and study visits. The aim is to examine key practice issues, inspire new thinking, promote cross-fertilisation and build new networks to improve services and practice in prisons, probation and restorative justice. The variety of the group, coming from different European realities, will provide further opportunities to learn and engage in criminal justice issues.

Target audience

  • Prison staff
  • Probation officers
  • Restorative justice practitioners
  • Criminal justice professionals and management
  • Mental health specialists in criminal justice
  • Policy makers/administrators
  • Researchers/academics
  • Trainers/educators
  • Those interested in resilience in criminal justice

Date and locations

2 till 5 July
Barcelona, Spain

Registration and Fee

>> Click here to register!

Early bird: €395  (until 15 April 2024)

Full price: €450

Registration deadline 17 June 2024

If you are a CEP member and wish to attend a CEP event and are not able to (fully) fund your attendance, you may apply for a bursary through the following link:

Cancellation Policy
  • Cancellations made before the 15th of April will be reimbursed 90% of the fee
  • Cancellations made before the 1st of June will be reimbursed 50% of the fee.
  • Cancellations made after the 1st of June will not be reimbursed.


a) Staff Resilience – Building Staff Resilience: Understanding, Practicing, and Thriving (trainer Iva Prskalo)

b) Client Resilience (trainer: David Ivarsson)

c) Organisational Resilience (trainer: Jo Clarke)

Plenary talks

  • Rethinking resilience: understanding state-dependent functioning and offending behaviour – by Jane Mulcahy
  • Client resilience and peer support  – by Johan Lothe
  • Trauma-informed work in prison and probation – by Dr Madeline Petrillo

The Summer Course will be moderated by John Stafford.

For the details of the programme (including abstracts, contributors’ biographies, schedule, study visits, and practicalities):>> Click here to view the Booklet


If you are interested in joining the Summer Course and you come from a country that is NOT a Council of Europe member state, please contact the organisers first ( You will be requested to write a motivation letter prior to your registration, and you may only register after approval.


Centre for Legal Studies and Specialized Training
C/ de Pau Claris, 158, 08009 Barcelona



The (CJPE) is a partnership of three network organisations working in the fields of detention (EuroPris), Probation (Confederation of European Probation, CEP), and the European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ).

This event is organised in collaboration with EFRJEuropris and CEJFE.

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