Dr. Danijela Mrhar Prelić is Director General of Slovenian Probation Administration, Body of the Ministry of Justice. She holds a Master Degree in Social Pedagogy, a Master of Science in Criminology and Doctorate in Law (the field of Criminology).

From the beginning of her career, she has been working within the field of enforcement of criminal sanctions. She has served as Senior Advisor – Counselor for juvenile offenders, as Director of Women’s Prison and as Project Manager – Secretary at Ministry of Justice. As Project Manager she was responsible for preparation of an Action plan for Establishment of Probation Service in Slovenia with all necessary normative and legal changes. When the Action Plan was adopted by Slovenian Government, she became the Head of Probation Service at MoJ, responsible for establishing the new state body. In December 2017 she became an Acting Director of Slovenian Probation Administration, followed by position of Director General in 2018.

During her professional career she attended numerous conferences and international meetings as a speaker regarding the execution of criminal sentences and community service, her special field of interest is re-offending. She also served as a Short-term Expert in the project related to contribute to the improved treatment programs for juvenile offenders. She is also involved in education trainings carried out by the Slovenian Prison Administration while holding a position of a University Assistant Professor (Criminology, Penology).

As of October 2022 Danijela became a member of CEP Board.