Background information  

Over recent years, CEP has begun to develop engagement with researchers, research institutions and projects. During the term of the previous CEP Board membership by third-level institutions was promoted and a representative was co-opted to the CEP. 

Research, quality assurance and evaluation are key elements in the development of better practice, better and more effective service provision, and improved outcomes for all stakeholders.  

The aim of the meeting on research is:  

  • Create a network of experts of researchers, managers and probation practitioners from various EU jurisdictions;  
  • Identify potential research topics, develop knowledge and facilitate transnational research; 
  • Exchange, increase and deepen knowledge about offenders´ supervision in Europe, community sanctions and measures, rehabilitation and reintegration, etc; 
  • Develop a long-term strategy (action plan) specifying the main priority areas for research;  
  • Further, explore possibilities and initiate cross-jurisdiction research;  
  • Identify funding chains;  
  • Cooperate with CEP members, partnership organisations, universities, researchers on identifying key priorities and mutual cooperation in research; 
  • Oversee ongoing research commissioned by CEP (e.g. the mental health research in probation); 
  • Develop the topic as a steady part of its website.