CEP and European Projects

In March 2009 CEP organised the conference Funding Innovation & Collaboration in Probation, in Cambridge, UK. At the conference it was extensively shown how EU funding could contribute to cooperation and knowledge exchange between probation organisations all over Europe and to enhance the development of probation practice at a European scale. As such CEP is committed to stimulate member organisations to make use of the funding opportunities that are offered by the EU Commission.

Over the past years, CEP has been asked on several occasions to join project bids as a project partner or associate project partner, in which the role of CEP is to contribute to the project steerage and to the dissemination of the project results, via conferences, the CEP website, CEP Newsletter, dedicated websites maintained by CEP etc.

By initiating and supporting project proposals which were to be submitted under the funding programmes of the EU in 2010, CEP has actively stimulated inter-European cooperation while contributing at the same time to the implementation of EU policy.

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