Projects about Framework Decisions

There have ben several projects initiated to support the implementation of the three framework decisions on probation. You can find an overview of the projects here:


Case Management System Maps

In 2011, the European project DOMICE delivered schematic overviews of the case management in probation in almost every jurisdiction in Europe. These system maps are being updated at the moment.

Steps II resettlement

This project aims to support the effective delivery of Framework Decision (FD) 2008/909/JHA (transfer of prisoners) by investigating and analyzing the legal and practical obstacles that may hinder its implementation and execution in all Member States (MS).

Implementation Support for Transferring of European Probation Sentences (ISTEP)

Aim of the project: with regard to the implementation of EU Council Framework Decision 2008/947/JHA the project aims to enhance the ability of probation agencies and sentencers within each EU Member State to understand clearly and have confidence in probation processes and procedures within each legal jurisdiction across the European Union.

Developing the Use of Technical Tools in Cross-Border Resettlement (DUTT)

Aim of the project: in preparation for the Framework Decisions 2008/947 & 2008/909 to trial and study the effectiveness of two specific technical tools: video-conference technology (VCT) and touch screen facility (TSF) to improve access to resettlement information for offenders

Developing Offender Management In Corrections In Europe (Domice)

Aim of the project: to improve mutual knowledge and exchange best practice in integrated Case Management in all European Prison and Probation administrations. For updated information, please visit the Case Management System Map section on our website.

Preparation of the practical implementation of the framework decision on the mutual recognition of probation measures

Aim of the project: to accompany the implementation of Framework Decision on the Transfer of Probation Sanctions and Alternative Measures (2008/947/JHA) by providing means for the next EU Presidencies (particularly by means of the national fact sheets) to intensively follow up the last phases of implementing the Framework Decision.

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