Pia Andersson is an expert in assessment work, probation work, community sentences, alternative forms of imprisonment, and electronic monitoring. She works as a senior specialist in the national Development and Guidance Department of Prison and Probation Service of Finland. Pia is also project manager for the Electronic Monitoring project and the ProbationApp project.

Pia Andersson is a social psychologist and social worker with master’s degrees from Helsinki university and has completed a special vocational education in leadership and management, educations in project management, service design end executive coaching as well as in various assessment methods.

Pia has a wide-range work experience of thirty years in the field of prison and probation service.  She has been working for 10 years as a social worker and probation officer, 10 years as an deputy director of a probation office and as a head manager in the assessment centre, and 10 years as a national special expert and project manager. Pia has also worked as the head of the Social Work Department in the municipality and as a special expert in the Ministry of Justice.

Pia Andersson is experienced in international co-work. She has been a Component Head and Short Time Expert in a Twinning project and is a long term member in the co-operation network in the Northern Europe. Pia Andersson is a member of the Board of the European Organisation of Probation (CEP), chairperson of CEP’s technology expert group and member of CEP’s electronic monitoring group.