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For 10 reasons to become a CEP member download the English, French or German pdf.
For 10 reasons for a university to become a CEP member, download the
English, French or German pdf.

In recent years, European institutions have developed a growing interest in probation. The Council of Europe, for instance, is currently preparing recommendations on probation which will apply to its 47 member states.

In addition, the European Union will soon formally adopt shortly a Framework Decision on the transfer of foreign national prisoners. This means, for example, that a French citizen sentenced in England to a non-custodial term, can undergo his punishment in his home country.

National probation services all over Europe feel the urgent need to be well prepared for the implementation of these regulations. The key words in this are knowledge sharing. Therefore, the members of CEP have agreed by the end of 2007 to enable CEP to expand its services. Currently, CEP is preparing several initiatives of which its members will benefit. These are:

  • The establishment of an international register of experts to cope with many requests CEP receives for advice and contributions to new developments in probation, all over Europe. The register will be set up this year;
  • The development of CEP web site, which will contain the largest concentration of information about probation systems in the world.

CEP thus creates many opportunities for its members to meet and exchange ideas, all over Europe. CEP welcomes every organisation in the field of probation to consider joining CEP and become part of this pan-European movement. Our membership would offer:

  • Invitations to our international workshops and conferences – each year there are between 4 and 8 events. Topics over the past years have included Electronic Monitoring, What Works (evidence based practice), Resettlement, Sex Offenders, Community Sanctions, Youth Justice, Developing new National Services and a Workshop for Director Generals of Probation, Future of probation;
  • Inclusion in our communication network – you will receive the European magazine on probation, have access to the forums and data on the members’ section of our web site, involvement in our links with the Council of Europe and the European Union. Your will have the opportunity to contribute ideas and events to our programme and the opportunity to contribute to the forthcoming publications of the European magazine for probation;
  • Access to the largest European international network of probation organisations – CEP can put you into contact with probation people across the world, from policy makers and managers to practitioners and others. Not just Europe, but all across the world – CEP has formal links with probation organisations in North America and Asia/Australia
  • The right to fully take part in our General Assembly and Congress – this large scale event takes place every three years. Member organisations which provide probation services and/or bear responsibility for probation in their country not only have the right to contribute to all debates and discussions at the General Assembly, but also have voting rights with which they can influence the priorities of CEP (please be informed that the associate membership does not give the right to vote at the General Assembly)

If your organisation wants to benefit from the services of CEP, but is not yet a member, please email to for more information.

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