Vision, Mission and Aims of CEP

Vision for Probation in Europe

To contribute to safer communities by rehabilitating and reintegrating offenders and providing the best possible interventions to reduce offending and the impact of crime.

CEP’s Mission

CEP is the European Organisation for Probation. It promotes the rehabilitation and social inclusion of offenders through sanctions and measures implemented in the community. It enhances the profile of probation and works to develop the staff and leaders of probation to improve the quality of services on a national and European level. It builds a probation network to enable the exchange of knowledge, policies and practice in order to create a strong evidence base for probation. It represents probation in Europe and develops international relationships with governments, victims interests, academic and criminal justice organisations and voluntary bodies. It aims to promote human rights and citizenship through all its activities.


  • Creating an excellent international member organisation that is transparent, efficient and innovative;
  • Appreciating diversity and difference;
  • Demonstrating leadership and modelling effectiveness;
  • Making probation understandable and accessible;
  • Advocating probation at an international level;
  • Focussing on dissemination of probation policy, knowledge and expertise;
  • Participating in projects relating to probation and communicating outcomes;
  • Bringing together the knowledge base, research and practice to improve learning and outcomes;
  • Building effective partnerships across the criminal justice sector in Europe;
  • Representing the probation sector to European institutions;
  • Reaching out to other jurisdictions.

Priorities for 2014 – 2016

  • Focus on practitioners and the quality of practice;
  • Widen communication through various media;
  • Meeting the rights and citizens agenda;
  • Increased accessibility of CEP – through a more multilingual approach;
  • Providing information and support for members;
  • Utilising the European Foundation for Quality Management model within CEP;
  • Development of projects on – resettlement, models of effective practice, cross-sector delivery (via CJ Platform Europe partners), new probation services, ‘meta-analysis’, Citizenship and Rights among others.

Financial Strategy – 5 pillars to secure the future

  1. Membership fees – to hold membership fees at a level that avoids increasing the pressures on members; to seek to widen the membership and increase numbers of organisations in CEP according to the statutes;
  2. Operating Grant – continue in supporting the core business of CEP and delivering excellent services;
  3. Action Grants – to be an active participant in European projects and be paid to contribute using our pan-European links and services; to take the lead in an EU project and deliver project management;
  4. Generating income – identifying new ways of generating income in line with CEP’s values and objectives;
  5. Developing partnerships – expanding sponsorship for specific events.
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