Types of membership

CEP provides full and associate membership:

  • Full membership is offered to public institutions or organisations which provide probation services, or who carry responsibility for the development of such services, and non-profit private organisations providing probation services.
  • Associate membership is offered to non-profit private organisations that do not engage in probation service provision, but support or facilitate it or lobby for it, to universities and tertiary educational institutions, and to private persons who support the aims of CEP.

Associate members enjoy the same entitlements as full members, but without voting rights.

To apply for CEP membership, you can write an application letter to the CEP Board, accompanied by the Statute of your organisation and/or documents such as publications showing that you are working in the field of probation. Your membership will be discussed by the Board in its next meeting (the Board usually meets in April and in October). In accordance with the Statute, the admission will then be subject to confirmation by the General Assembly which takes place every three years. In the meantime your organisation will have full access to all the facilities of CEP and will be informed about important (European) developments in the probation field.

For 10 reasons to become a CEP member download the English, French or German pdf.
For 10 reasons for a university to become a CEP member, download the
English, French or German pdf.

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