In October, our colleague Mirjam van der Kooij after 11 years left the company for a new challenge. CEP wished her much luck with her new job.

CEP started looking for a new colleague and Marie Klassen started as Operations & Policy Supporting Officer at the beginning of January. Marie will mainly assist in the preparation of international meetings, workshops and conferences this contains also making travel arrangements, taking care of mailings and correspondence, helping with financial administration and supporting the Secretary General.

“My name is Marie Klassen, and currently I am working for the Confederation of European Probation (CEP), as Operations & Policy Supporting Officer. I have earned my bachelor’s degree in Legal studies, by which I specifically analysed the role of the constitution and judiciary in shaping society and the criminal justice system of government in California, the United States. After my international experience in the U.S, I wanted to broaden my horizon and

examine more in-depth the role of the European Union, and how the EU acts as an important international player. Especially, when it comes to trade, energy, migration and conflict, as some issues are just too big for one single member state to tackle alone. Once, I earned my bachelor’s degree in European Studies, I continued my studies, and one year later. I obtained my master’s in International Relations. Next to my current job, I also work for a political party, named Lokaal-Limburg, which I will proudly represent during the provincial council elections on 15 of March.”

Welcome to the CEP team!

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