Maret Miljan is the Head of the Rehabilitation Department-Junior Lecturer in the Academy of Security Sciences, College of Justice. She teaches social work and criminology for the prison service case managers. For almost 5 years Maret Miljan has been working as a Director of Rehabilitation Division in the Prison Department in the Ministry of Justice. She was responsible for central level coordination and development of probation services including electronic monitoring and other community sanctions and probation staff training in Estonia as well as organising the education, employment, health care and social rehabilitation in Estonian prisons. Initially she joined the Ministry of Justice in 2008, when she was appointed as an adviser with responsibility of coordinating the drug rehabilitation in prisons and probation. Within ministry she has also worked as a project manager of an international project with the aim to develop alternative punishment funded by Estonian-Swiss cooperation programme.

She has master degree in social work and social policy from the University of Tartu (2005). Her study field and previous work experience has mainly been connected to youth at risk.

Her international experience include working as a consultant for Council of Europe with focus on electronic monitoring and other community sanctions, but also risk assessment and management of  prisoners. She has been an expert in European Twinning project and a CEP Board member for 3 years. Currently she is a chair for the CEP expert network of education and training.