Lennart Palmgren is the responsible director for both prison and probation at a national level, at the Swedish prison and probation service, where he is responsible to directly beneath the Director General exercise national leadership of managerial responsibility for the country’s overall operation extensive enforcement of sanctions in freedom, electronic monitoring and establishment of a personal investigation to the Court, management of Treatment Programs within the prison and probation service also lies within the scope of Lennart’s responsibilities.

During summer of 2019 Lennart Palmgren was also assigned as head of the department of prison and remand services in Sweden at the Swedish prison and probation service. The departments main task is to lead the organisations direction, formulate its goals and codes of conduct so that the agency reaches both the short and long term goals set by the government. Goals are directed both at the enforcement of sanctions as set by court and the work with relapse prevention. The departments responsibiliteies also include providing legal support for the entire swedish prison and probation service. Regional managers of prison and probation service also lies within the scope of Lennart’s responsibilities.

In 2005, Lennart was appointed regional manager at the prison and probation service with a responsibility to lead, plan and operationally support the regional units to enforce imprisoned penalties and to conduct detention activities. Develop regional units so that the progress was in accordance with nationally set, long term and annual goals and guidelines. Within the scope of his assignment was the achievement of regional coordination for the facilitation of an effective organization.

After a defense science degree at the Swedish military College with the main focus on dealing with crisis situations and security issues, Lennart subsequently earned a master’s degree as Commander at the Swedish Defence University. Thereof he has had a long career in the Armed Forces where he has served both at the headquarters as well as he has had other different senior positions, which included internationally dispatched assignments.

Lennart has also a master’s degree in Maritime management with focus on leadership, law and economics from Chalmers.