On this page you can find research documents and articles regarding sexual violence.


Practical assessment and management of risk in sexual offenders (2018)

Katharine Russell. consultant forensic clinical psychologist and Rajan Darjee,  consultant forensic psychiatrist.  NHS Lothian Sex Offender Liaison Service, Edinburgh

Treatment & Supervision

Treatment of Sexual Offenders: Research, Best Practices, and Emerging Models (2013)

International Journal of Behavioral Consultation and Therapy.
Pamela M. Yates, Cabot Consulting and Research Services

Sex offenders and the probation officers who supervise them: them: how relevant are strengths-based approaches? (2009)

Andrew Smith, A thesis submitted to Cardiff University in candidature for the degree of Philosophy Cardiff School of Social Sciences

Child Pornography

Child Pornography on the Internet

Laura Negredo, Secretaría General de Instituciones Penitenciarias.
Óscar Herrero, Centro Penitenciario de Cáceres