The publication of EuroVista journals stopped in 2016. On this page you can find the online journals volume 1.1 – 4.2. If you would like to have your research published on the CEP website, please send an email to

EuroVista was published up to three times a year by CEP, the Confederation of European Probation. The journal is dedicated to linking research with policy and practice in probation and community justice throughout Europe. EuroVista seeks to share experience of good practice and responses to challenges that may have relevance to many countries across the continent.

EuroVista aims to publish articles that are relevant and accessible to practitioners, managers and policy makers in a wide range of criminal and community justice agencies, especially probation. It is also read by students, researchers, scholars of criminal justice and others who are interested in the subject matter. Whole issues or individual contributions can be downloaded without charge.

Articles are written by policy-makers, academics, managers, practitioners and other stakeholders in probation and community justice. The editors welcome thought-provoking and idea-developing articles aimed at stimulating debate within academic and practitioner circles. As well as original research papers, EuroVista often includes articles in which researchers draw attention to their work and explain its relevance to the practice community, in this way enhancing the impact of their findings. Special issues may focus on specific themes or be the result of certain conferences, workshops etc. The journal also includes a book review section.

EuroVista was edited by Dr Gerhard Ploeg (Directorate of Correctional Services of Norway), a Vice-President of CEP, and Professor Rob Canton (De Montfort University, England). The Book review editor is Dr John Deering at the University of South Wales.

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