Pre-Sentence Reports Research

Reducing Prison Sentencing through Pre-Sentence Reports? Why the Quasi-Market Logic of ‘Selling Alternatives to Custody’ Fails (2018)

Cyrus Tata, Professor of Law and Criminal Justice, Centre for Law, Crime and Justice, Strathclyde University Law School, Scotland

Assisting and Advising the Sentencing Decision Process; The Pursuit of ‘ Quality ’ in Pre-Sentence Reports (2008)

Cyrus Tata, Centre for Sentencing Research, Law School, Strathclyde University, Glasgow. Nicola Burns, Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Applied Social Science, Glasgow University; Simon Halliday, Law School,
Strathclyde University, Glascow.  Fergus McNeill, Scottish Centre for Crime & Justice Research, University of Glasgow and Glasgow School of Social Work.

Pre-sentence Reports and Individualised Justice: Consistency, Temporality and Contingency (2017)

Dr Nicola Carr is Associate Professor in Criminology, School of Sociology & Social Policy, University of Nottingham, UK
Dr Niamh Maguire is a Lecturer in Criminal Law and Criminology, School of Humanities, Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT)

‘To Inform and Advise’? The Interpretation and Use of Pre-Sentence Reports in the Sentencing Process (2007)

Cyrus Tata, Senior Lecturer in Law, Centre for Sentencing Research, Law School, Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland.
Simon Hallida, Reader in Law, Strathclyde University, and Visiting Fellow Oxford University.
Neil Hutton,  Professor of Law, and Dean of the Faculty of Law, Arts and Social Sciences, University of Strathclyde.
Fergus McNeill, Senior Lecturer, Glasgow School of Social Work, Scotland UK


Gwen Robinson, Professor of Criminal Justice, School of Law, University of Sheffield

Assessment Research

Risk Assessment Guide for Violence Against Women (2011)

The Barcelona Network to fight Violence against Women

Practical assessment and management of risk in sexual offenders (2018)

Katharine Russell. consultant forensic clinical psychologist and
Rajan Darjee,  consultant forensic psychiatrist.  NHS Lothian Sex Offender Liaison Service, Edinburgh

Improving Risk Assessments for Sex Offenders: A Comparison of Three Actuarial Scales (2000)

R. Karl Hanson, Corrections Research, Department of the Solicitor General of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada,
David Thornton, Offender Behaviour Programmes Unit, HMPPS London, England.

Predicting outcome with the Level of Service Inventory-Revised: The importance of implementation integrity (2006)

Anthony W. Flores, Department of Criminal Justice, California State University. Christopher T. Lowenkamp,. Alexander M. Holsinger,Department of Sociology/Criminal Justice and Criminology, University of Missouri.Edward J. Latessa,  Division of Criminal Justice, University of Cincinnati

Brief Report: An Implementation Evaluation of the LSI-R as a Recidivism Risk Assessment Tool in Utah (2014)

Kort Prince, Robert P. Butters, Utah Criminal Justice Center, College of Social Work, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, United States

A compendium of research and analysis on the Offender Assessment System (OASys) (2010)

Mia Debidin (Editor), Ministry of Justice, England and Wales

Health and social care needs assessment of adults under probation service supervision in the community (2020)

Dr Anna Richards, Public Health Consultant,, Public Health England, Wellington House, London

Conference and Meetings

Seminar on Pre-sentence Work and Assessment, Oslo 2012


Webinar on Risk and Needs Assessment in the Probation field, different perspectives, 2022

Webinar on Risk and Needs Assessment in Probation, 2023