Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be defined as “a set of sciences,theories and techniques whose purpose is to reproduce by a machine the cognitive abilities of a human being. Current developments aim, for instance, to be able to entrust a machine with complex tasks previously delegated to a human.” (defenition CoE, 2019)  Here you can find information on Artificial Intelligence

A.I. Articles

“Using Artificial Intelligence to Address Criminal Justice Needs,”

Christopher Rigano, National Institute of Justice Journal 280, January 2019,

Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Young People

Council of Europe, European Youth Centre Strasbourg, December 2019

A.I. Presentations

Data Mining & Human Factor

Geert Mol. Reclassering Nederland
CoE CDPPS Cyprus, 2019


Data Mining & Human Factor in the Execution of Community Measures & Sanctions

Pedro Fereira Marum, French Community Houses of Justice, Belgium
CoE CDPPS Cyprus, 2019