Radicalisation conferences and meetings

On this page you will find links to all the reports on radicalisation meetings and conferences  that are published on the CEP website:

Expert Group Meetings

Expert Workshop on Radicalisation and Probation (February 2018)

Expert meeting on radicalisation, 13th of June 2017, Cologne Germany

Expert meeting on radicalisation, 15th of December 2016, Utrecht the Netherlands


RAN Radicalisation in Probation meeting (May, 2017)

11th meeting of the PC-CP working group (11-13 January 2016, Strasbourg)

Expert meeting on radicalisation, 27th of January 2010, Segovia, Spain


International Criminal Justice Summer Course on radicalisation

LIAISE 2 European Seminar (29 March 2017, The Hague)

CJPE Conference on Radicalisation and Violent Extremism (26 April 2016 Barcelona)

Länder Working Party: dealing with radical Islamist prisoners (18 April 2016)

International Expert Roundtable on Preventing Radicalisaton in Prisons: Developing a Coordinated and Effective Approach (December 2015, Amman, Jordan)

High-Level Ministerial Conference on Criminal justice response to radicalisation (19 October 2015, Brussels)

CJPE International expert event: radicalisation and violent extremism (October 2015, Barcelona)

Radicalisation and probation, a speech by ICCT director Mark Singleton at the CEP international expert event

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