Probation in Europe updates

Probation in Europe develops very fast. On this page, you can find the updated chapters of  the book ‘Probation in Europe’ (2008) that was written by Anton van Kalmthout and Ioan Durnescu.

Radical changes are being made in some jurisdictions and it is not yet clear how these transformations will shape the form and the practice of probation in these countries. Therefore chapters about these countries will be written later on. Once they are ready, they are uploaded here.


1. Introduction to the 2013-2014 edition

1. Introduction to the 2013-2014 edition in German

Austria 2013

Belgium 2015

Catalonia 2013

Croatia 2014

Czech Republic 2018

Denmark 2017

England & Wales 2013

Estonia 2013

Finland 2013

Georgia 2017

Greece 2015

Italy 2016

Jersey Channel Islands 2014

Kosovo 2014

Latvia 2013

Luxembourg 2013

Malta 2016

Northern Ireland 2013

Romania 2013

Serbia, 2014

Slovak Republic 2017

Spain 2016

Sweden 2018

Switzerland 2013

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