Iuliana Elena Carbunaru has currently worked as Probation Inspector for the National Probation Directorate within the Romanian Ministry of Justice ensuring the development and implementation of the international projects and promoting the probation system at an international level.

In 2000, after graduating The Philosophy Faculty – Social Work section, she started her activity as a social worker with an NGO responsible for one of the first probation pilot projects in Romania. In 2001, after passing a competition, she was appointed within the newly developed probation service under the coordination of the Ministry of Justice. She continued her studies and graduated a Master program of the Bucharest University on Community Justice Administration. As an employee of the probation service for more than 20 years, Ms. Cărbunaru has served as probation counsellor (1,5 years), seconded probation counselor within the Ministry of Justice (3,5 years), probation inspector (5 years), director of probation service (8 years).

Her international experience includes working with probation services from Europe and North America and she is acting as an expert for the Council of Europe in her area of expertise and short term expert in projects financed by the European Union in the Balkans.

From 2017 up till October 2022 she was a Board Member of the Confederation of European Probation (CEP). In October 2022 she was elected the CEP Vice-President.