International Probation Conference: What Works?, Wroclaw, Poland

The Probation Officers Association FRONTIS, Poland, organises the International Probation Conference: What Works on the 11th and 12th of October 2018 in Wroclaw. The theme of the conference is ‘What Works?’ and is organised for everyone working in the field of probation.  

The conference theme: What works? refers to new rehabilitation trends that took place after the famous misinterpretation of research findings by Robert Martinson and his colleagues. This resulted in a widely recognised statement/constatation -‘Nothing works’. We sympathise with the probation services around the world that are constantly seeking new ways to improve the effectiveness of their work. We hope that our event wil create a space for reflection on the condition of Polish probation works, on what works in Polish probation, as well as how Polish probation officers responding to the challenges of modern times. In so doing, we will discuss the aforementioned issues from a comparative perspective, hence the presence of our excellent colleagues from abroad: probation officers, criminologists, psychologists, lawyers, and educators.

The event will be accompanied by various exhibitions, performances, guided tours around Wroclaw, as well as a networking reception. Although there is an international dimension to it, the conference will interestingly reflect local practices and traditions.

For more information about the International probation Conference, please visit the FRONTIS website.

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