Good practice

The Expert Group on Foreign National Prisoners and Probationers collects good practice examples in their Good Practice Manual. It is highly appreciated if you would like to share your best practices in foreign national prisoners. Please fill in the form and send it to

Good Practice Manual May 2017

Other examples

European groups working with their nationals imprisoned abroad

Human rights information booklet for prisoners

Bromley Briefings Prison Factfile (2015)

Documents from the Danisch Prison Service:

Report on Nyborg Prison Denmark 2015

Documents from the Croation Prison Service:

Croatia Foreign Women Prisoners 2016

Documents from the Norway Prison Service:

Norway Prison Pilot Project 2016

Documents from the Dutch Prison Service:

Dutch Probation Service – Foreign Office

Dutch Probation Service Foreign Office Care Activities

Documents from the French Prison Service:

D. de l’A. P. (France) I Établissements Pénitentiaires pour Mineurs (EPM)

D. de l’A. P. (France) I Young Offender Institutions (EPM)

D. de l’A. P. (France) II Key prison service figures on 1st January 2010

D. de l’A. P. (France) II Le Chiffres clés de l’Administration Pénitentiaire au 1er janvier 2012

D. de l’A. P. (France) III Je suis en détention – Guide du détenu arrivant

D. de l’A. P. (France) III Living in Detention – Handbook for New Inmates

D. de l’A. P. (France) IV Code de déontologie de Service Public Pénitentiaire

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