On the afternoon of 21 March 2024, the second webinar on violent extremism will take place. CEP kindly invites all probation practitioners from across Europe to join. This webinar is developed in cooperation with the Expert Group on Violent Extremism.
Speaker to be announced soon.
Registration is free of charge and closes on 21 March at 11 am (CET).

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CEP and Violent Extremism
CEP with its members are among those playing an important role in preventing radicalization, working for disengagement, providing rehabilitation programs and post-release supervision. Probation bodies across Europe have trained their staff to be able to work with radicalized offenders and identify the potential threats from offenders under probation supervision for a different crime. Yet, the ever-changing landscape of radicalization and violent extremism, new emerging trends and different movements across Europe, fragmentation of various groups, a large number of offenders in prison waiting for their release, ongoing efforts to recruit new members including children, as well as radicalization in online environment, have been in the spotlight thus causing probation and all other agencies involved to continue training its staff, follow up on the latest trends, exchange information, knowledge and expertise.

>>This is part of a Webinar series, more information


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