The dangers caused by radicalisation and violent extremism in European countries are paramount concerns of the criminal justice systems. In the past few years, European countries have worked to prevent terrorist attacks, set up strategies to combat violent extremism, established special multi-agency teams where all key agencies including prison and probation have played an important role in preventing violent extremism, working with communities, families, schools and other crucial actors involved in the process of deradicalisation, raising public awareness and opening about this topic across society.

Prison and probation programs are the two working fields where radicalisation and deradicalisation meet. Probation agencies across Europe have trained their staff to be able to not only work with this type of offenders but also to identify the potential threats from offenders under probation supervision for a different crime. Yet, the ever-changing landscape of radicalisation and violent extremism, new emerging trends and different movements across Europe, fragmentation of various groups, a large number of offenders in prison waiting for their release, ongoing efforts to recruit new members including children, as well as radicalization in online Environment, have been in the spotlight thus causing probation and all other agencies involved to continue training its staff, follow up on the latest trends, exchange information, knowledge and expertise.

In this webinar we will address the topic of radicalisation and violent extremism from the perspective of two EU jurisdictions that have faced the different trends in their countries, also taking into account political, cultural and religious perspectives. It will, among others, focus on the topics discussed in the virtual environment of internet and social media with the accent on new trends and potential security threats related to radicalization and inclination to extreme violence. The last presentation will cover the work of the Council of Europe´s Council for Penological Cooperation (PC-CP).


14 June 2023 from 11.00 to 12.45 CET, online


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Registration is open by 12 June 2023. The Zoom link will be sent to your email a day before the event.

The webinar is free of charge.

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