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“Sports in prison. A step towards rehabilitation?”

15 DECEMBER 2022 –

For the past three years, this partnership has been working hard to understand sports programs in prisons better, particularly how these programs can contribute to social integration.

During the symposium, the results of the SPPF project will be presented to an international audience. The results include the research publications, as well as the development, testing and implementation of the learning areas and the evaluation thereof. In addition, time will be made to present the toolkit and policy recommendations. The symposium will integrate interactive methods to provide information to the participants, and actively involve them to hear their perspectives about the project results.


  • Justice, Prison, and probation professionals
  • Policymakers (local, national, European)
  • Social and advocacy organisations
  • Sports federations, clubs and organisations
  • Education and research


The symposium will take place on 15 December 2022 at
The speakers will communicate in English and Dutch. Translation will be available.
Final information will be sent a week before the symposium.
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‘Sports in Prison, a Plan for the Future’ is an Erasmus + project that focuses on the development of good sports programmes with a stronger connection between the ‘outside world’ and the world inside the prison walls.

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