On 15 June 2022 CEP is organizing an International Workshop on Probation and Mental Health, in Dublin.

Taking into consideration that the current research evidence has shown that the prevalence of various mental health problems among people under probation is relatively high when compared to the general population, the aim of this international workshop will be to address recent mental health care research and practices as well as different kind of treatment approaches in different European probation settings.

The international workshop will consist of plenary sessions, workshops and group discussions with speakers from different European jurisdictions who will talk about various aspects: ethics and mental health, the Council of Europe white paper on Mental Health in prison and probation, research and mental health in probation, mental health and the impact of Covid-19, among others.

The programme can be downloaded here.

Register here. The deadline for registration is 3rd of June. Places are limited.

Participation fee for the workshop is €40.

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