Prison and probation services are expected to increase effectiveness, focus more on rehabilitation, whilst keeping societies safe. To find a good balance between efficiency, security and reducing reoffending there is a need to involve civil society, social services and other third parties, to support all aspects of a person’s reintegration and rehabilitation.

On 23-24th November EuroPris and CEP organises a workshop in Bucharest, Romania, to increase awareness of the need of interagency cooperation and to find solutions supporting this agenda. The hand over from prison to probation/social services starts on the first day of imprisonment. Later inmates should be released into a milieu that minimises opportunities for crime with support from probation services and sometimes cooperation with the police, municipalities , or job agencies.

How can time in prison be used constructively to safeguard the transition to society? What specifics needs must be addressed? How is probation involved and how probation officers follow up on the work of prison? Where does cooperation among prison, probation and other agencies meet? The workshop will focus on solutions for specific groups, such as persons with mental disorders, foreign nationals, and the Roma community.

In addition, during Covid-19 cooperation between agencies was challenged and sometimes interrupted. What can we learn from these experience in terms of resilience and long-term sustainability to our justice systems and chains for rehabilitation?

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