On June 13 to 16, ISPCAN will organize a Congress with the theme Child Protection for the Most Vulnerable Children and Families and will emphasize the difficult realities that children face and explore workable strategies that reflect evidence-based responses and best practice to address these difficulties.

Their aim is to consider the multifaceted vulnerabilities, such as domestic violence and sexual abuse, institutional care, incarceration or mental health problems of parent(s), alongside those that have arisen more recently as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as social isolation and child mental health problems all within the context of supporting children and their closest environments to become resilient beneficiaries of systems of protection in their respective societies.

Crises of whatever kind present good opportunities for learning and we are confident that the content and sharing at this Congress will provide participants with sound lessons as well as networking opportunities that will connect you to child protection experts from across the world.

More information about this congress.
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