In the morning of 26th September CEP organizes its second webinar on Alternatives to pre-trial detention, an important topic for both CEP members and the European Commission. In fact 22% of the inmates held in European penal institutions are not serving a final sentence and (following the terminology of the Council of Europe), this means that 22% of the inmates are detainees placed in pre-trial detention.

Pre-trial detention is still over-used and therefore asks for good alternatives in non-custodial measures. Not only because prison overcrowding is still a big problem in many European countries, but also (and mainly) to improve the functioning of the criminal justice process in general.

Programme and registrations

The webinar will bring a focus from three different angles: research, the European Court of Human Rights and a normative appraisal of non-custodial alternatives.

The programme can be downloaded here.

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