Desistance and Lived Experience

Welcome to the International Training School on Core Correctional Skills, where we believe that continuous learning is a natural part of every professional’s existence. Our one-week training program is designed to refresh and update the core skills of experienced correctional staff and provide newcomers with an innovative starting point.

In line with Prof. Dr. Ioan Durnescu’s Core Correctional Skills, the training emphasizes key skills such as relationship skills, pro-social modelling, problem-solving, motivational interviewing, and cognitive restructuring. Prof. Dr. Durnescu’s work underscores the importance of these competencies in fostering effective correctional practices, ensuring that staff are equipped with both foundational and cutting-edge techniques.

A significant aspect of this training is the development of the working alliance, a concept extensively covered in Prof. Dr. Durnescu’s book. This includes clarifying roles, addressing power imbalances, and maintaining alliances in a digital age. These elements are critical in building trust and cooperation between correctional staff and those under supervision, mirroring the principles highlighted by Prof. Dr. Durnescu.

Building up the working alliance is a crucial aspect of the training, and we will cover everything from clarifying roles and socializing into the role to dealing with power imbalances and maintaining and developing working alliances in a digital world. We are strong believers in modern learning approaches, and our use of flip learning and other adult learning concepts will enhance not only your understanding of these skills but also their use in real-life situations. Role-play and coaching will stay at the heart of our learning approach.

This year’s training will focus on Desistance and Lived Experience, with more information coming soon. We are thrilled to have Prof. Dr. Ioan Durnescu leading the program. Ioan and our distinguished speakers can’t wait to welcome you in October 2024 and help you bring your skills into the 21st century with evidence-based and meaningful practices.

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7 – 11th of October 2024


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Our upcoming programme will be launching soon! In the meantime, you can check out last year’s programme to get an idea of what to expect.

Speakers biography

Shadd MARUNA (Keynote speaker)

Shadd Maruna received his Ph.D. in Human Development and Social Policy from Northwestern University (Chicago, USA) in 1998. His first book Making Good: How Ex-Convicts Reform and Rebuild Their Lives (American Psychological Association Books, 2001) was named the “Outstanding Contribution to Criminology” by the American Society of Criminology in 2001. His second book, Rehabilitation Beyond the Risk Paradigm with Prof. Tony Ward helped to popularise the Good Lives Model of correctional treatment. Maruna is currently Professor of Criminology at Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) but will be beginning as the Head of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology at the University of Liverpool in September 2024. Previously, he has worked at the University of Cambridge, the State University of New York and Rutgers University Newark, where he was the Dean of the Rutgers School of Criminal Justice. In 2022, he was elected the President of the American Society of Criminology (2022-24).

Andrew BRIERLEY (Special guest)

Andi is the Head of Access, Participation and Outcomes at Leeds Trinity University with a background that includes an extensive 15-year Youth Justice career. Qualifying in 2013, Andi worked with the most prolific and high-risk justice involved children within the Intensive, Surveillance and Supervision (ISS) team. Andi has an array of practice experience in youth justice ranging from Case Management, working within Secure Settings such as Young Offenders Institutions and Secure Children’s Homes and Voluntary Participation to divert children from encountering the justice system. Andi was instrumental in developing the role of the Child Looked After and Care Leaver Specialist at Leeds Youth Justice Service, leading on key initiatives that reduced the number of Leeds children in care being criminalised.

This extensive practitioner experience has developed a unique dual perspective of crime and punishment by building on his lived experience of the criminal justice system. Prior to his professional career, Andi also spent several years in Custody and on Probation himself in his youth and this dual vantage point prompted Andi to author three successful books on penology and criminology. Andi also sits on the strategic council for the Howard League for Penal Reform and advocates for a criminal justice system that enhances rather than inhibits desistance.


During this one week of intensive training, we will be able to refresh and update the core skills of the more experienced correctional staff while providing the newcomers with a solid and cutting-edge starting point. Thus, themes such as relationship skills, pro-social modelling, problem-solving, motivational interviewing and cognitive restructuring will be developed taking into account the basics but also the most up-to-date and evidence-based practices. Working with trauma is the special theme included in this edition.

Prof. Dr. Ioan DURNESCU is a professor at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Sociology and Social Work. He teaches and conducts research in the area of probation, prison and deradicalization fields. His special interest is comparative probation, reentry and interventions with justice-involved clients. He conducted many training sessions in different countries such as Jordan, Moldova, Spain, Kosovo and so on.

Ioan is one of the editors of the Probation in Europe (WOLF) and the Understanding Penal Practice (Routledge) and the author of Core Correctional Skills. The Training Kit.

He is also one of the co-editors of the European Journal of Probation, a journal published by the University of Bucharest in partnership with SAGE Publishing. Since 2020, Ioan has co-chaired the RAN Rehabilitation Working Group.

Iuliana Carbunaru

Drd. Iuliana Elena Carbunaru has currently worked as Probation Inspector for the National Probation Directorate within the Romanian Ministry of Justice ensuring the development and implementation of the international projects and promoting the probation system at an international level.

In 2000, after graduating from The Philosophy Faculty – Social Work section, she started her activity as a social worker with an NGO responsible for one of the first probation pilot projects in Romania. In 2001, after passing a competition, she was appointed to the newly developed probation service under the coordination of the Ministry of Justice. She continued her studies and graduated from a Master’s program at Bucharest University in Community Justice Administration. As an employee of the probation service for more than 20 years, Ms. Cărbunaru has served as probation counsellor (1,5 years), seconded probation counsellor within the Ministry of Justice (3,5 years), probation inspector (5 years), director of probation service (8 years).

Her international experience includes working with probation services from Europe and North America and she is acting as an expert for the Council of Europe in her area of expertise and short-term expert in projects financed by the European Union in the Balkans.

From 2017 up till October 2022 she was a Board Member of the Confederation of European Probation (CEP). In October 2022 she was elected the CEP Vice-President.

Joseph Arvidson

Joseph Arvidson, MS, has over 35 years of experience in Corrections.
He is currently the Executive Director of The Paragon Group.
The Paragon Group strives to promote and advance evidence-based practices in the arena of criminal justice. Their scope of services includes speaking engagements, as well as training and consulting as to RNR and resistance-based models. Mr. Arvidson’s training and consulting clients have ranged from US Probation and Pre-Trial Services to smaller agencies and NGO’s. His international clientele has ranged from Europe to the Middle East to Australia. Mr. Arvidson is the founder of The Criminologist Media Group, serving as producer and host of The Criminologists podcast and the Criminologist YouTube channel.

In his current governmental role, he is responsible for strategic planning, program development, and making recommendations on policies, procedures, and services related to the implementation of evidence-based practices for the Ramsey County Community Corrections Department, in Saint Paul, USA. He was the project manager for the development and implementation of that agency’s practice model of supervision (New Model for Probation and Parole: Ramsey County Model, RCCCD, Bogue and O’Connor, 2013).

Mr. Arvidson has been an adjunct faculty member at Concordia University and Metropolitan State University since 2000, where he teaches a number of graduates and undergraduate-level Criminal Justice courses. He currently serves on the Criminal Justice Advisory Board for Concordia University. He also serves as a board member for Volunteers in Corrections.


Anna ESQUERRÀ ROQUETA is a Policy and Liaison officer at the Confederation of European Probation and associate professor at the University of Barcelona, Department of Social Work, Social Services and Social Policy. She has a Degree in Social Work, a Degree in Anthropology and a Masters in Ethnographic Research and Intercultural Relationships and specific studies in the Criminal Justice field.
She worked in various positions for different organisations including: social educator for mentally disabled people, home care service coordination manager, social worker in a systemic family therapy centre, among others. In 2007 she started working at the Catalan Ministry of Justice in several different positions and areas. She was involved in the prison area and also with juveniles and young adult offenders. When working with juveniles and young adult offenders she was carrying out tasks related to designing, planning and following-up intervention programs, co-ordinating groups of professionals as well as new research analysis for education and treatment plans. These programs were developed from a perspective that integrates different areas within the juvenile justice chain: mediation, assessment, youth probation and educational centres.

Since 2012 she has been involved in the international field, taking part of several European projects and coordinating the Criminal Justice Platform Europe. Since 2016 she works at CEP where she is mainly in charge of analyzing developments in European probation and related fields, facilitating EU-funded projects (FPA, OG, AG), organize expert group meetings, conferences, and others.

Since 2010 she is also working part-time as an associate professor at the University of Barcelona covering subjects related to social intervention with individuals and families, as well as the structure of the Catalan Welfare System. Her main interest are Probation and gender and she is currently doing her PhD on how offenders experience community work in Catalonia


>more coming soon


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