On Tuesday 18th May from 10-12am CET EuroPris and CEP are organizing a webinar on ‘Foreign nationals in prison & probation in Europe – what do statistics tell us and can they inform policy & practice?’

The webinar is organized in collaboration with the University of Lausanne (UNIL) and the EuroPris/CEP Foreign Nationals in Prison & Probation expert group.

Based on longitudinal studies on the number of foreigners in prisons and under supervision of probation agencies in Europe discussions will be on:

What are the trends, what are the future directions and what is the impact on policy and practice?

Prof. Marcelo Aebi and the UNIL research team, who are collating the Council of Europe Annual Penal Statistics, also known as SPACE, will present and members of the EuroPris/CEP Foreign Nationals expert group will reflect on this from their practical backgrounds.


You may find the agenda of the webinar here.

Participants & registration

The FNPP webinar  is open to everyone who has registered in advance.

The event is free of charge and registration can be done here.


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