Education and training within the sector of Probation are on the European Agenda and are also one of CEP’s members interests.  With developments in European criminal justice and greater mobility of European citizens, a clear need has emerged for more knowledge on education and training. For this reason in 2018, CEP started by creating a network of experts on education and training in the Probation sector. CEP wishes to continue strengthening the European network on education and training in Probation by organizing annual meetings of this network.

This years’ meeting aims at enhancing the knowledge on education and training in the field of Probation, exchanging experiences and good practices between different countries in the field of education and training, share recent updates in relation to both legislative developments and intervention Guidelines from the European Commission and the Council of Europe, create a solid expert network in the field of education and training of probation staff at European Level.

This event is a closed event upon invitation.

This meeting will be on 24th October in Brussels, Belgium.

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