CEP and EuroPris workshop on Mental Health in Prison and Probation

The Confederation of European Probation (CEP) and EuroPris will organise a 1,5 day workshop on the 6th and 7th of December on Mental Health issues in Prison and Probation. The workshop is kindly hosted by the Irish Probation Service in Dublin.

European prison and probation services nowadays are faced with large numbers of mentally ill people. The reduction of community mental health services all over Europe over the past several decades has led to the criminalisation of the mentally ill. The prevalence of various mental health problems among prisoners and probationers is considerably higher than in the community.

The workshop will be a unique opportunity for practitioners in prison and probation to convene with peers and experts in the correctional settings. The workshop will address recent mental health care research as well as delivery and treatment in correctional settings. Identifying best practices in treatment in different jurisdictions, exchanging of ideas and discussing challenges to chronic and emerging issues will be an important part of the program. Delegates are expected to prepare adequately for active participation in the various parts of the programme.


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Practical information

The event is free of charge, but travel and accommodation costs are not included. You are responsible for booking your own travel an accommodation. The CEP has selected two hotel suggestions. Click on the name of the hotel to visit their website.

This will be the location of the CEP and Europris workshop on Mental Health in Prison and Probation:



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