The EM conference in Helsinki 2022 inspired researchers Beata Maria Nowak, Sławomir Grzesiak, and Maja Zawadzkaus to complete and publish their scientific work on alcohol monitoring in the penitentiary and probation service. Their publication titled “Transdermal Measurement and Monitoring of Alcohol Concentration: Possibilities of Implementation and Adaptation in the Polish Penitentiary and Post-Penitentiary System” is now available for download in English and Polish versions.
You can find the publication on the website of our Publishing House, where you’ll also discover other open-access books:

Alcohol consumption, particularly alcohol abuse, poses significant social problems that governments worldwide need to address. The negative effects of alcohol consumption require substantial financial resources for prevention, straining national health systems and impacting societies regardless of their socioeconomic development. Technological advancements, such as transdermal measurement and monitoring of alcohol concentration, offer potential solutions to alcohol-related issues. The Academy of Justice conducted a two-year pilot project in the Polish penitentiary system, exploring the implementation of a transdermal alcohol concentration monitoring system (TMSA) to support inmates’ social readaptation and reduce recidivism rates. The project’s findings and recommendations can potentially be applied in other areas, such as probation monitoring and addressing domestic violence. The book detailing this research provides an overview of alcohol consumption statistics, explores treatment and rehabilitation methods, discusses transdermal measurement technology, presents research results, and addresses the legal and social implications of implementing TMSA in the penitentiary system. The authors express gratitude to the Central Board of Prison Service, prison directors, and staff for their support in conducting the research.