Children also keep their eyes open for victims of war

Most of the Ukrainian victims of war who take refuge in EU countries are women and children. And these children go to school in their host community, with it becoming one of the first points of contact between the local population and the refugees.

The book ‘The Girl Who Kept Her Eyes Open’ aims to raise awareness among children (7-10 years old) and adults (parents and teachers) of the problems suffered by people fleeing war and their rights.

Through the story of a Ukrainian refugee child meeting a particularly observant little girl in her new school, it shows the importance of paying attention to others in order to recognize the victims of crime – in this case, the victims of war-related crimes – and offer them support.

The book will be disseminated in schools, libraries and community organisations to ensure its message reaches as many readers as possible. The book is also available digitally via the ‘Keep your eyes open’ campaign website on victims’ rights. You can also download the book below.

Local versions of the book