The Girl Who Kept Her Eyes Open

Children also keep their eyes open for victims of war Most of the Ukrainian victims of war who take refuge in EU countries are women and children. And these children go to school in their host community, with it becoming one of the first points of contact between the local population and the refugees. The … Continued

I, Who had it Figured Out!

“I, who had it figured out!” is a memoir by Patrick O’Dea, a social worker who has worked in the Probation Service for twenty years, followed by 17 years in the Social Work School of Trinity College Dublin. Now, he works part-time at University College Dublin. The book reflects on O’Dea’s 40-year journey in social … Continued

Transdermal Measurement and Monitoring of Alcohol Concentration

The EM conference in Helsinki 2022 inspired researchers Beata Maria Nowak, Sławomir Grzesiak, and Maja Zawadzkaus to complete and publish their scientific work on alcohol monitoring in the penitentiary and probation service. Their publication titled “Transdermal Measurement and Monitoring of Alcohol Concentration: Possibilities of Implementation and Adaptation in the Polish Penitentiary and Post-Penitentiary System” is … Continued

Probation, Mental Health and Criminal Justice

This collection of research and evaluation explores issues in mental health and probation across the globe. The volume offers insight into a wide range of interrelated topics that address the mental health and mental health needs of those under probation supervision. The chapters embrace a range of diverse mental health concerns. The underpinning assumption is … Continued


This book explores the concept of punishment: its meaning and significance, not least to those subject to it; its social, political and emotional contexts; its role in the criminal justice system; and the difficulties of bringing punishment to an end. It explores how levels of criminal punishment could and should be reduced, without compromising moral … Continued

Restorative Justice from a childrens rights perspective

By the editors Annemieke Wolthuis and Tim Chapman This book addresses the relationship between restorative justice and children’s rights, an issue of increasing relevance to restorative justice theory and practice that has thus far received relatively little attention. Readers will find useful reviews of international human rights documents and of legislation, policy and practices in … Continued

Professionalism in Probation: Making Sense of Marketisation

This book explores probation staff understandings of professionalism in the aftermath of the Transforming Rehabilitation (TR) reforms to services in England and Wales. Drawing on the sociology of the professions, this book offers an original and timely contribution to the criminal justice literature, examining the ways in which professionalism in probation has been reshaped and renegotiated in … Continued

Palgrave Studies in Risk, Crime and Society

McCartan, K. (Ed), Weaver, B. (Ed) Risk is a major contemporary issue which has widespread implications for theory, policy, governance, public protection, professional practice and societal understandings of crime and criminal justice. The potential harm associated with risk can lead to uncertainty, fear and conflict as well as disproportionate, ineffective and ill-judged state responses to … Continued